A Review of Avene Thermal Spring water spray

This facial mist comes highly recommended, especially for those who have sensitive or combination skintype, it has a soothing effect on the skin and makes it feel refreshed and relaxed. This facial mist has been known to take care of unwanted redness, burning and tingling of the skin. Formulated with the Avène Thermal spring water, this colorless liquid comes hilghly recommended by dermatologists worldwide who have actively tested and proven it’s efficacy. The standard package comes in a 300 ml bottle, also available in 150 ml and 50ml travel model.

its Benefits

Soft feeling envelops you and calms you.
This is the tenderness and purity of Avene thermal spring water to protect you permanently …

after a post-surgical act
if facial redness
in case of skin irritation
after sunburn
redness in the baby seat
after cleansing
after shaving
after sport
after waxing
traveling to freshen

Is it for me?

Spray Thermal Spring Water is particularly suitable for sensitive, hypersensitive, allergic or irritated. Click here to find it on Amazon.

Avene Thermal spray


  1. Molly Saunders says:

    I have used it and i have found that it cooled down my skin in the hot humid climate i live in. less redness and bumpIdeal for my combination skin for cuts, sunburn, rosacea,

  2. Have to first confess that I thought it was rather stupid to pay so much money for water to spray over the face. But after I moved to a much colder, drier climate I experienced a total change in skin type. I went from oily-combo skin to really dry flaky skin. I didn’t know what to do, and had to overhaul my skin care.

  3. I decided one day this was on sale to give it a go, see what the hype was all about. It is indeed a very cooling, refreshing spray on the face. It does really well to tone, or to prep before putting on some masks. I use it to take off my avene hydrating mask, and it’s been great. I do believe that the thin mist that the cannister is designed to deliver is part of why this is so good.

  4. Rose Mayers says:

    One added benefit – it really does add some dewy quality to matte makeup minus the grease. I’ll definitely be stocking up on avene products when I’m in paris 🙂 Pity I don’t think it’s possible to carry cannisters of this water on flight so I will probably stick to just buying regular products.

  5. just as a side note, I have the price point as 5 lippies because here it costs qute a bit for a 300mL cannister. So far I have only gotten mine when they are on sale or promo to dampen the pain a little. Would repurchase though, just hoping for more promos.

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