How these Anti Aging Supplements and Vitamins Fight Wrinkles

Wrinkles are no fun to have, but when you start seeing the signs and symptoms of wrinkles, you have to make up your mind to fight it. Recent research has proven that it is always a smart choice to supplement your regular skin care routine with antioxidants. According to data from a research conducted by french scientists, women who took beta carotene, vitamin c and vitamin E, had their existing wrinkles reduced by 8%, while they had the occurrence of new wrinkles reduced by 23%. Antioxidants prevents free radicals from breaking down elastin and collagen. In this article we will examine the best anti aging supplements and vitamins that help you fight off those ugly wrinkles.

Foods with the highest levels of antioxidants, as measured by the ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity), listed from the highest: prunes, raisins, blueberries, kale, cranberries, spinach, raspberries, brussel sprouts, plums and broccoli.

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Vitamin A represents another vital nutrient for effective skin care. When they is a deficiency of vitamin A, then the effectiveness of other anti-aging skin care therapy is hampered. Our skin cells are in a constant cycle of renewal where old skin cells are being replaced by new skin cells, vitamin A is a vital facilitator of this process, it also nourishes the layer of fat beneath the skin, keeping the skin looking supple.

When there is a deficiency of Vitamin A in the body, the skin looks rough and dry, it becomes prone to wrinkles, the skin loses its texture and becomes pale and fragile. Other symptoms of vitamin A deficiency will also include splitting nails.

In taking vitamin A supplements one has to be mindful of the fact that vitamin A levels unlike vitamin c, builds up in the body, so you have to be careful not to exceed the recommended dosage of 10000 IU per day.

Another important supplement worth having in your anti-aging skin care arsenal is vitamin C, this vitamin aids the repair of your skin by building up the collagen levels in the body. A reduction in the levels of vitamin c in the body is often associated with ultra-violet damage and skin-aging, ultra-violet damage can be minimized by practicing safe sun exposure. A dosage of about 500-2000 mg  daily should suffice. If you have had too much sun exposure, do checkout the best sunburn remedies.

Alpha lipoic acid which is also known by the abbreviation ALA, is another excellent antioxidant supplement, this supplement works great with the other aforementioned vitamins (vitamins A & C) as well as co-enzyme Q10. ALA also improves resistance to insulin and is a well-known anti-inflammatory agent. This antioxidant works by inhibiting any cross-linking between fibers, this action prevents wrinkles from developing. Alpha Lipoic acid is also beneficial for people who have heart disease and obesity, because it helps in the removal of glucose from the blood stream and also in detoxifying accumulated metals in the body.

Although the body can produce alpha lipoic acid, it those so in small quantities which is used up by our body cells when the cells produce cellular energy, hence the only time we benefit from the antioxidant effects of this acid is when it’s concentration in our body is greater that what our sells need for performing its usual functions. Since this is rarely the case we need to take ALA supplements if we want to benefit from its anti-aging effects. Another fact to note about ALA is that as we age, its natural concentration in our bodies decline.

This acid has the unique property of being soluble in both water and fat. This entails that it’s functionality extends to all parts of the body. This is what makes alpha lipoic acid very versatile, unlike other antioxidants which are either soluble in water or fat. The recommended doses for alpha lipoic acid supplements is 50-100mg a day.

Note: The supplement is yet to be tested on pregnant women or lactating mothers. And if you are looking for where to get Alpha Lipoic Acid online, here is link on amazon.

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