Some Common Skin Care Myths

How much do you know about the skin and skin care? it is surprising how much of the basic knowledge on skin care is actually not correct. In this article we clear the air on some common myths about skin care. These skin care myths may have held you bound before now, so today we get to some myth busting.

An antibacterial soap is best for keeping the skin healthy.

It is not unusual to have bacteria on the skin and in fact it is not possible to maintain a bacteria free skin for long period. Overusing antibacterial soaps would in fact lead to skin bacteria’s becoming more resistant to antibiotics. It is not necessary to use antibacterials  on a daily basis to achieve a healthy skin.

Oily foods Causes Oily skin and acne
What actually causes  acne and oily skin is a substance called sebum, this substance is produced and secreted by the skin. No scientific evidence has linked any specific food or food type to causing acne.

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Tanning is bad For You
When you spend a lot of time exposed to the rays of the sun, without using sunscreens, you increase your skin cancer risks. Your skin cancer risks depends on the frequency of sunburns and your total lifetime exposure to sunlight. On the other hand tanning excessively will result in skin damage, it can cause premature wrinkling and aging of the skin.
But when you engage in safe-sun exposure i.e taking the necessary precautions – such as thoroughly applying  a sunscreen that has at least SPF 30,and avoiding exposure to the sun at it’s peak times.

All You Need is the Right Skin Cream
There are a boat load of skin care products and programs out there, most of which claim to be able to reduce skin wrinkling and to be able to slow the process of aging. For example Rhetinoic acid has been shown to be an effective treatment, and a lot of products contain it .But the best ways of keeping wrinkles at bay is through using a proper sunscreen and avoiding cigarettes.

Tanning is Good For you
It is usual to automatically associate a dark tan to good health, there is actually no evidence to suggest that people who have a tan are healthier than those with pale skin.
Although exposure to sunlight has some benefits to our health, sunlight activates the vitamin D in our skin. This vitamin helps in keeping our bones strong and it also lowers the risks of a number of cancers and boosts the immune system as well. All this benefits are proportional to how much sun -exposure you have and an inadequate amount of sun exposure puts you at the risk of being vitamin D deficient.

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