Natural Remedies for Sunburn: 10 best sunburn relief

Don’t get stuck feeling the burn — these natural remedies for sunburn are great home-made solutions that are already at your fingertips. No doubt a sunburn will leave you in pain, get sunburn relief by applying these easily available everyday items for a natural sunburn relief, so learn how to get rid of sunburn with these sunburn remedies.
Great sunburn relief and remedies

  • Potatoes: They contain starch that helps in soothing the pain from the burn, to quickly put this to work, take a knife and cut a few slices of potatoes, rub them on the skin where it hurts. If the burn is a bit fresh and is still stinging you can blend the slices of potatoes until it is properly blended, soak a paper towel in the potato paste and apply to the burn.
  • Aloe Vera: This is popular for lots of reason and one them is it’s healing effect, you can also apply aloe Vera on mild burns to get relief, aloe Vera will reduce the swelling and also speed up the healing process. It is very effective for sunburn itch relief. To take advantage of this wonderful herb, quickly cut open an Aloe Vera leaf, squeeze out the gel content and apply directly on the burn, do this repeatedly at intervals until your sun burn is completely gone, go ahead try this today, it is one of the more effective sunburn remedies.
  • Baking Soda: This is another handy tool that can be very effective for sunburn pain relief, it works by causing a balance in the skin’s pH level. Making baking soda work for you is as easy as adding a few spoonfuls of the soda to a small quantity of water, stir the mixture in a bowl and dip some cotton-balls into the mixture and apply generously on the affected portion of your skin.
  • Vinegar: This needs no introduction, yet not many people know it as a natural remedy for sunburn, you can apply either apple cider vinegar or the distilled white vinegar to the skin to soothe your burns, apply with a cotton ball soaked with the vinegar along the skin, do this in three or four hour intervals.
  • Oatmeal: Oatmeal can be particularly handy when the burn is more severe or is a full-body burn. Applying oatmeal on the burn will minimize the urge to itch, and will soothe the skin and stop it from swelling. To apply oatmeal directly on your skin, have half a cup the oats ground into fine powder using your food processor, to this powder add a quarter cup of milk and a few spoonfuls of honey. Stir this mixture and apply it to the affected area of your skin for about 20 Mins. Another way you can apply oatmeal for burn relief is to pour a cup of finely grounded oats powder, pour whole cup into a warm bath, then get in the tub and soak yourself in there for about 20 Minutes.
  • Cucumbers:  Yes it does taste good, but most people searching for how to get rid of sunburn may not consider cucumber, but it can also help with relief from the discomfort that comes with sunburns. Cut your cucumber into thin slices and briefly refrigerate them, now take a chilled slice of cucumber and rub along the burn area, flip to other side of the cucumber as soon as the side you are applying to the burn begins to get hot.
  • Tomatoes: Tomatoes can also soothe the discomfort from sunburn, apply slices of tomatoes on the burn area to get relief. New research has shown that eating tomatoes may also protect you from harmful Ultra Violet rays from the sun.
  • Green, Grey, and Black Teas: These teas contain lots of tannic acid, tea, especially sweet tea are universally popular for their ability to soothe sore throats, and can also be quite effective in relieving the pain from sunburn as well. Make a pot of tea with about 6 to 8 tea bags. Wait for the hot tea to cool down, when it is relatively cooler, you can soak a hand towel in the tea, and apply on the burn area repeatedly for 35 minutes.
  • Coconut Oil: This moisturizes and can also bring sunburn relief and reduce the inflammation associated with sunburn. You should wait a day after the sunburn to apply this oil, take natural coconut oil and rub it over the affected skin area.
  • Sour Cream, Skim Milk and Yoghurt: All contain, protein and fat and pH in these dairy products can bring a soothing effect on skin, especially on burns. And if they are colder, they can the better they are at restricting blood vessels to reduce swelling.


Best Sunburn Relief Products

Below you’ll find some of the most advanced repair creams,mists, gels, balms, and liquids, that reduces redness and skin inflammation due to sunburn.

La Prairie Soothing After-Sun Calming Mist: La Prairie’s Soothing After Sun Mist comes highly recommended by Dermatologist and is as welcome as a midday refresher as it is for a remedy for skin redness, dehydration, and discomfort.

La Mer The Mist: When it comes to peeling prevention, La Mer The Mist is a sunburn remedy that is so richly hydrating, you may be tempted to substitute it for your daily body moisturizer.
Dermalogica After Sun Repair: This is an advanced repair cream that deeply soothes and repairs the skin from sun-damage, so if you find yourself feeling the burn, this after-sun skin care product is an absolute must.
Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel: This cooling Gel Taps into a longtime Greek remedy for sunburn, the Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel comforts sun-stung shoulders, cheeks, and limbs with a blend of active plant extracts and a dose of its namesake ingredient.
Herbivore Botanicals After Sun Body Mist: Herbivore’s After Sun Body mist utilizes the pH-balancing effect of witch hazel, the cooling impact of mint mixed with aloe Vera to provide a skin-care product that truly soothes the burn.


Do not forget to always drink lots of water after getting a sunburn. Drinking lots of water will help to re-hydrate the skin and prevent inflammation and peeling. And, of course, practice safe sun exposure by always wearing your sunscreens and you won’t have to worry about how to use any of these remedies!

natural home-made remedies for sunburn

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